Folding bikes

dahon folding bikes

Practicality is the answer

If there’s one bike every serious cyclist wishes they had in their lives it’s a folding bike. For those occasions when a full-sized bike isn’t practical, a folding bike is the answer.

Take it on the train, store it in the boot of your car, or store it in your wardrobe, these lightweight and practical bikes are just the ticket for commuters, caravaners, campers, canal boat dwellers and plenty more.

The ride is similar to a full-sized bike and when you’re done, simply fold it in half and carry it away. Could life be any simpler?

We believe that a truly great product is one that is not disposable but is well made, and designed to bring its owner many years of enjoyable use. DAHON holds a premium place in the market by continuously striving to provide the best folding bicycles money can buy, and always staying a step ahead in terms of technology. We feel that foldable bicycles can, and should, deliver ride performance as good as a traditional bike.