Raleigh Adult Bikes

adult range

Bikes Designed for You

You can be assured that Raleigh’s range of Lifestyle adult bikes have been designed with you the rider in mind. Drawing on their vast experience and a passion for life in the saddle they look at every detail of the bike to give you the most comfortable, well equipped bike for all aspects of town or trail riding.


Sleek, stylish and agile

If you want to get around quickly without the nose-to-the-bars feeling of drop handlebars these sleek, stylish and agile Stradas will get you where you need to be lickety-split.

These functional bikes are lightweight and easily upgradeable, ready for your individual choice of mudguards and carriers.

These Strada frames use hydro-forming tube technology for added strength and selected models have double butted aluminium tubes for extra lightness and a more responsive feel.


Fully equipped and practically perfect

Aimed at the city rider and the leisure rider, the Pioneer range provides you with perfect commuting and country lane cruising bike.

These fully equipped bikes have been developed to be functional, practical and reliable. Specified with modern comfort components, Raleigh Pioneers give you traditional ride with a modern comfort components. Seize the day friends, and long may you ride!