Cycle schemes


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Cycle schemes

  • Tax free savings
  • Affordable monthly salary deductions
  • Include bike accessories in the package

Cycle schemes are a great way to get you cycling straight away at an affordable price & we are extremely proud to be part of them. Check with your employer if they’re already with these most highly rated government schemes, pop in for a written quote on a Bike you like then your employer & ourselves do the rest.

How does it work?

  1. Your Employer registers with the Bike Scheme
  2. Visit us to choose your Bike, accessories & obtain a written quote
  3. You present the written quotation to your employer for authorisation
  4. Employer provides authorisation to the Bike Scheme
  5. Employer makes payment to the Bike Scheme as per initial written quotation
  6. The Bike Scheme issues you with a voucher
  7. Present your voucher to us & collect your chosen bike / equipment
  8. Your Interest Free monthly payments commence